27 December 2010

Back to Press

Three of JR's books have been temporarily sold out, but are now available once again: Stan Mir's Flight Patterns and Chris Diken's Some People are back in new editions of fifty copies, as well as another hundred copies of Matthew Derby's The Snipe; they can all be ordered here. There are still at least one signed copy of each chapbook still available--these are numbered editions of ten.

Matthew Derby customized/vandalized/inscribed/drew in (however you want to look at it) a handful of copies of the first printing--there are still one or two on hand which will continue to be inserted into random orders.

JR's next two releases will be available in earlyish 2011--Lily Binns will make her fiction debut, and David James Miller is contributing some really lovely science-based poems. The concluding volume of Stan Mir's Patterns trilogy will appear later in 2011, alongside a TBA fiction chapbook.